Meet Thera Bytes @Gamescom or @Respawn Conference

Juli 2016 – Ein guter Monat für Healthy Games
Juli 18, 2016
Healthcare meets Games
Dezember 21, 2016

Meet Thera Bytes @Gamescom or @Respawn Conference

Hi folks,

today our first english written blog post. Please appologize any mistakes in spelling or grammar – we have Gamescom preparation action going on and there is no time for editing.

Getting to the point, we have Gamescom 2016 coming up next week and this event is the most important games related convention in Germany with a strong international focus. This year Thera Bytes has two games in their backpack. Walk the Stars, our game for Apple Watch that gets you going for a while. Secondly with Bug Bloxx a mind-bending block puzzle game for your Apple TV.

Smartwatches & Gaming 

With Walk the Stars we tackle the upcoming market for wearable devices such as smartwatches. This segment of technology will have a strong growth ahead until 2020 when you listen to market specialist IDTechEx in their latest market report Wearable Technology 2016-2026. Though smartwatches lost a little bit of hype momentum it will play a major role in our future lifes when it comes to communication, payment and health tracking. Health and fitness applications are the most preferred within the Apple Watch user group when you compare ’s recurring panel studies. Apple’s gamification on the watch (activity rings) is still the most beloved feature so far. With the upcoming OS 3 of Watch OS we will see Apple’s new Breath application. Combining fun and emotional experiences with a better life through healthy behavior is our vision. Delivering suitable applications and games is our mission ahead.

People will walk in order to play

This year in Cologne we will show-off the work we invested into Walk the Stars for the past five months, presenting the core concept behind the game on your Apple Watch. We have a demo prototype that will give you insights in the core game loop, combined with walking. This game will be a fully fleshed RPG on your watch where you will explore different universes in distant space, meeting decisions in your story that players will experience with their remotely controlled droid K-37. And of course combat will take place a lot. Everything is fueled by your steps and workouts.



Bend your mind while watching Apple TV

With a second project we will present our puzzle game Bug Bloxx for Apple TV. This game has been developed or the course of the recent three months and it’s close to be finished and can be released early Q4 2016 on Apple TV 4th gen. It’s exactly the couch play we anticipate user’s are looking for while sitting in front of their TV. Short and entertaining puzzles need to be solved. With a control via Siri Remote you can easily keep your relaxed position. Due to the dynamic block puzzle shapes that must fit the given grid, we will surely heat up your brain. With over 300 puzzles we will give people long-term motivation and fun with Bug Bloxx.

Bug Bloxx

Upcoming for Apple TV








Meet us @ Gamescom

Thorsten Feldmann will be in Cologne from Monday to Friday (15.08. –  19.08.) and is always happy to meet: Presenting both games, discussing new projects or simply having a beer together. Feel free to contact him even during the event by Email.

Let’s the games begin and see you in Cologne!

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